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An environmental giving platform for everyone

EarthShare makes doing good easier than ever! Support your favorite 501(c)(3) nonprofits, centralize your donations, and stay informed about pressing climate issues—all from one powerful platform.

Align your brand with what matters most and bring positive environmental impact directly to employees and customers.

Reach new audiences and collaborate with a diverse network of nonprofits tackling the environmental crisis.

Become an EarthShare Member and open a no-minimum Donor Advised Fund to organize your giving all in one place.

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35 Years of Action & Impact

EarthShare has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for vetted nonprofits working to create a healthier planet. From international groups to front-line grassroots organizations, EarthShare Nonprofit Partners and our growing network of committed supporters are doing their part to reverse the climate crisis.

$400 million raised

And we're just getting started!

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For 35 years, EarthShare has been at the forefront of mobilizing support for our environment and nonprofits working across the United States to make our planet better for everyone. Today, after mobilizing more than $400 million for the environment, our work continues on.

Our reach has expanded significantly as we educate more people about the environment that sustains us and provide the tools for taking action. Together, with all our stakeholders, we choose optimism. Thank you for joining us.

Our planet can't wait .

From microplastics, to deforestation, to the climate emergency, we face greater challenges than ever before. Join EarthShare’s network of individuals, businesses, and vetted nonprofits to ensure that everyone can enjoy a just and healthy planet. 

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