Purpose, Planet & Profit

Engage your employees, customers, and community in positive environmental impact.

Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

Discover an easy and affordable workplace engagement platform that allows employees to give, volunteer, offset carbon footprints, and take environmental action.  LEARN MORE >>>

Leverage EarthShare’s expertise and connections to the world’s best nonprofits to develop a strategic giving and volunteerism plan for your company.  LEARN MORE >>>

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A Platform for Positive Impact

Our technology allows you to put purpose in the workplace while also engaging customers and communities. Implement an affordable, easy-to-manage workplace engagement program using a platform that helps employees give, volunteer, and learn.

Custom Engagement Advising

Leverage our experience and extensive nonprofit network to develop custom programming for your business that focuses on employee and consumer engagement. Our connections with issue experts, nonprofit leaders, and other partners enables us to provide a unique and informed approach.

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