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What is fiscal sponsorship?

Do you have an environmental project in mind but don’t have 501(c)(3) status? Are you interested in developing and implementing an environmental solution, but need support in meeting your financial management and human resource needs? Fiscal sponsorship might be the solution you are looking for.

Fiscal sponsorship gives you access to legal and tax-exempt status without the labor-intensive and costly steps of creating and maintaining 501(c)(3) status for your project. A fiscal sponsor can provide the financial management, human resources, and legal support you need so you can focus on your project work.

When searching for a fiscal sponsor to partner with you on your project, you want to make sure that they align with your mission, vision, and values. Your project will share a reputation with your fiscal sponsor (and vice versa), so it’s important that you and your fiscal sponsor are aligned in the work you’re doing and that you feel good about the future of the partnership.

Yes. All fiscal sponsors charge a fee and this amount is typically factored into your total project budget. The fee established by the fiscal sponsor (which is intended to cover the services they provide) will depend on the complexity of your project and/or the services you require.

No. You can only have one fiscal sponsor at a time, but you can switch fiscal sponsors if the partnership no longer meets your needs. Pay attention to the language in your original fiscal sponsorship contract about what a transition to a new fiscal sponsor might entail. For example, some organizations withhold a portion of your budget to cover handoff expenses.

We're your fiscal sponsor.

For the past 35 years, EarthShare has worked with individuals and businesses to amplify giving for our network of more than 500 environmental nonprofits. As a result, we’ve mobilized more than $400 million in support for our planet. (Read more in our annual report.)

Today, EarthShare is using our years of environmental sector expertise to bring your programmatic work to life. We provide fiscal sponsorship and financial services for environmental projects looking to positively impact both people and planet.

We seek projects that increase Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in environmental spaces, improving communities through the strategic involvement of those most impacted by environmental degradation. All projects should have a clear understanding of the connection between social and environmental issues.

Apply in four easy steps.

  • Tell us about your project.

    Give a brief overview of who you are, what your project seeks to accomplish, and why you think EarthShare is the perfect fit.

  • Let's chat.

    EarthShare will schedule a one-on-one conversation to learn more about your work and available fiscal sponsorship offerings.

  • Submit an application.

    Submit a full application and budget overview, including potential environmental/social impact and key performance indicators.

  • Final review.

    EarthShare's Board of Directors makes the final review. Once a project is approved, our staff will follow up about onboarding.

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Take the first step right now.

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