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In the face of our environmental crisis, we at EarthShare acknowledge that we must do more than ever to create the change that people and our planet urgently need. We believe that everyone should be able to contribute to and benefit from a healthy and sustainable environment, and this can only be achieved by ensuring justice and equity for communities too often on the receiving end of societal and environmental injustice.

We will not achieve environmental progress without the voices and perspectives of a wider community of participants, particularly marginalized communities that have experienced and understand best the outsized impact of environmental threats. We consider it a moral imperative to do and be better.

Together, We Stand

EarthShare is committed to identifying and implementing more effective policies, practices, and programs to achieve a more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization. This work begins internally with our own culture and extends to how we deliver our programs and services to external stakeholders.

In addition to examining our own policies and practices, we are creating more accessible programs and services. In 2021, we adopted bold new vision and mission statements and centered equity as one of our core organizational values. To achieve our vision of everyone taking action for a healthy planet, we are committed to building a robust, inclusive, and respected community of environmental nonprofit partners that showcases the diversity and intersectionality of the environmental movement.


  • We actively seek to elevate diverse voices and perspectives and are committed to engaging the skills, leadership, and lived expertise of BIPOC; LGBTQ and gender nonconforming people; and people from other historically marginalized backgrounds.
  • We condemn acts of racism, racial violence, and social injustice and stand in solidarity with those across the U.S. and around the world working to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future.
  • We are an equal opportunity employer and committed to building a team and Board of Directors that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, skills, and experiences, knowing that the more inclusive we are, the more successful we will be.
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Together, We Take Action

EarthShare is also committed to engaging in a more significant way around issues of environmental and climate justice and will cultivate a greater diversity of individual and business supporters. We recognize that the scale of change needed to combat the climate and environmental crisis requires the involvement of the most broad, inclusive, and equitable movement of supporters and advocates possible.

We approach our work on equity and inclusion knowing that it will require a sustained commitment over the long run. We will make mistakes along the way, but we will learn from them and strive to be a better organization.

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