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Manage your giving, carbon footprint, and volunteering . . . all from one convenient platform.

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Donate to all of your favorite causes

Manage all of your giving with one platform! Explore a vetted list of environmentally focused EarthShare Partners and a database of 1.5+ million U.S. nonprofits. Need ideas? Lean on regularly updated content to help guide you toward new issues and new organizations. Consolidate your giving, maintain historical reporting, and protect your privacy, only sharing your personal information when you choose.

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Carbon Offsetting

Climate action at your fingertips

The climate crisis is the issue of our times. Take action today by measuring your carbon footprint, discovering how to reduce your emissions, and offsetting what you can’t. Offsets are certified, meet U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, and are easily tracked and traced directly to the projects they support, offering full transparency.


Roll up your sleeves and pitch in

Whether your version of volunteering is signing a petition from behind your desk or hiking up a mountain to plant trees, our growing directory of environmental actions allows you to put your time, skills, and passion to good use. Volunteerism is good for the soul and good for the planet. Get out, meet new people and new organizations, and help us create a more just and sustainable world.

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  • Donate to important causes, search remote and in-person volunteer activities, offset your carbon footprint, and more.
  • You have full donor choice. Focus on specific nonprofits, cause areas, or geographical regions that matter most to you.
  • Consolidate your charitable giving and protect your privacy.
  • Get expert advice from EarthShare’s team to help you maximize your personal impact.
  • Be part of a community of environmental champions and learn about real-time opportunities to make a significant impact for our planet.
  • Stay current with educational materials focused on critical issues, trends, and developments in the environmental and philanthropic space.
  • With no upfront costs, it’s easy to begin having a positive impact today!

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