About EarthShare

A nationwide network dedicated
to protecting our planet

For more than 30 years, EarthShare has worked across industries and issues to protect the health of our planet by engaging workplaces and people as active participants in that mission. With the power of a 600-member strong network of America’s most respected environmental and conservation organizations behind us, we provide impact and engagement opportunities that forge strong community connections, improve our environment, and ensure a sustainable future for all.

We have a plan everyone can play a part in! Please join us and our network of member organizations, state affiliates, and chapters to build a better future for all.

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EarthShare National - About - Mission Vision Purpose
EarthShare National - About - Mission Vision Purpose
Creating an engaged, inclusive,
and purpose‐driven network
Our Purpose

To ensure a thriving future for all inhabitants of our beautiful planet

Our Vision

An inclusive and engaged network of purpose-driven individuals and organizations working together to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment

Our Mission

To accelerate the pace of positive environmental change by unleashing the collaborative power of motivated businesses and passionate people in support of our vital network of member organizations