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Supercharge Your Year-End Impact with EarthShare’s Giving Platform

It’s that time of year again when twinkling lights, soup, warm fires, and cozy sweaters become the norm for many, and—perhaps less obviously—people begin to think about their year-end giving. For most of us who have budgets to stick to throughout the year, it’s a time to assess where we stand and how much money we have to give to the causes and organizations we care about. And while, certainly, events occur throughout the year that inspire people to give, the importance of end-of-year giving cannot be understated.  

For the majority of nonprofits, the month of December alone brings in a quarter of all annual donations—25% of the year’s donations in one month! That’s no small amount.  

Giving by individuals is the largest source of philanthropy in the United States. Even more than billion-dollar foundations. It’s people—just like you—who are making the greatest difference. And why do people give? To have a positive impact on the world around them.  

But are you making the most of your giving?  

Earthshare encourages everyone to take action for a healthy planet! That’s why we spotlight our Network of 500+ environment, climate, and sustainability-focused Nonprofit Partners on our Platform, so you can learn more about the work being done to fight for healthy air, water, land, animals, and wildlife in your community.  
But that’s not all. Want to donate to causes besides the environment? Support more than 1 million 501(c)(3) organizations across the U.S.!  
All of the causes you love. No limitations. No restrictions.  

How It Works

How do you get access to the EarthShare Giving Platform, and how does the Platform work?  

For only $25 a year, you become an EarthShare Member and receive instant access to our Giving Platform. (Businesses can join, too, giving this same charitable giving platform to their employees. Learn more here.) 

Once you create an account and log-in, you can immediately add funds to your DAF (via credit card or direct deposit, with the option to add recurring deposits) and start giving right away. Unlike other giving accounts, your EarthShare DAF has no minimum, meaning you can fund your account with as little as $.01 if you so choose.  

From there, the giving world is your oyster!  

  • Explore our extensive database of nonprofits. Find the organizations you love (including searching by your zip code to find nonprofits in your community). 
  • Search by environmental issue areas. Discover nonprofits doing on-the-ground work for the causes that mean the most to you, from climate change to clean water and more.  
  • Track your impact. See the good your giving is doing! Review your transactions as well as the nonprofits and issue areas you’ve supported. Plus, quickly download your giving receipts—all in one place (super convenient for taxes!). 
  • Stay updated on environmental issues. Browse our extensive content library and learn more about the world’s most pressing environmental issues and the solutions taking place to address them. We have quizzes, tips for living a more sustainable lifestyle, and more. 

This year-end giving season, don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase your impact. Whether you’re choosing to support EarthShare and our Network of vetted Nonprofit Partners, or you’re giving to other groups and organizations you love, do it all from one convenient place. No stress. No confusion. 

Give and share good with EarthShare. 


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