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Introducing The 30×30 Project

In Spring 2023, EarthShare received the Mosaic Infrastructure Grant to produce an educational course all about the 30×30 target.

Our goal: to broaden 30×30 beyond the expert environmentalist silo where it’s most commonly understood, and break it down into a solution-oriented, user-engaging format that is accessible to everyone—especially those who have never heard of 30×30 before. By doing this, we hope to give people actionable ways to learn, get involved, and support 30×30 project work happening where they live.

What It Looks Like

EarthShare developed a microsite dedicated to the 30×30 target and teaching people about the solutions that are already taking place to ensure 30% of ecologically critical lands and fresh and marine waters are protected by 2030.

We’ve started by building out six interactive solution modules, which users can navigate through (similar to an online exhibit), learning about what each solution is, how it works, who it’s impacting, where it’s taking place, nonprofits implementing the solutions, and more.

Our first six solutions are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Coral Reef Restoration
  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Pollinator Regeneration & Protection
  • Sustainable Community Planning
  • Forest Regeneration

For each of these six solutions, we worked with an EarthShare Nonprofit Partner who is an expert in the solution area and contributed their knowledge and experiences to help improve accuracy and storytelling. We wanted those who are on the ground doing the work to have a strong presence and voice in communicating these solutions.

We hope to be able to continue expanding our library of solutions in the future.

Who It's For

We built these educational materials to be accessible for all people, regardless of prior experience with the environmental movement or knowledge of the 30×30 target. These solution modules are just as valuable to people who have never heard about 30×30 as they are to people with more extensive knowledge on the subject who want to learn how to take action where they live.

EarthShare also developed these modules with our own core audiences in mind: nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. Specifically, when it comes to businesses, we’ve created interactive content that can be easily shared among teams and staff, contributing to sustainability knowledge and goals within a company. We also wanted to make sure these resources would be valuable to our own Nonprofit Partners who, while experts in their own areas of environmental work, may not know as much about 30×30 and want to educate themselves and their supporters on the spectrum of solutions involved.

We especially wanted to use this project to uplift smaller nonprofit organizations, especially grassroots orgs, who are BIPOC, Indigenous and/or women led. These voices are often underrepresented in the environmental sector and are absolutely essential contributors to the work being done.

Created with Partners

We want to give a huge thank you to our solution-expert Nonprofit Partners who not only helped with accuracy but with how to tell the stories of these solutions, how they’re being worked on, and how this work will change the world. The value of EarthShare’s 30×30 Project stems, in large part, from the first-person experiences of these organizations and how that translates to the lives of people all over the world.

Thank you so much to:

So, what are you waiting for?! Check out The 30×30 Project now and join us on our journey to teach the world about the 30×30 target and conserve 30% of ecologically critical lands and waters by 2030!


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