Financials & Reports

Collaboration and cooperation

EarthShare believes achieving a flourishing, sustainable future is only possible through collaborative partnership with invested and motivated businesses, organizations, and individuals. EarthShare’s strongest asset, built on a legacy of workplace giving campaigns, continues to be its unique position at the intersection of business and the environmental nonprofit community, creating the opportunity to build productive connections for a distinct social purpose: engaging more people and resources in the care of our environment.

EarthShare strives to make environmental sustainability work for everyone, primarily through innovative and strategic engagement programs that inspire, inform, and motivate participation in ensuring a thriving future for all inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

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Our Reporting
Annual Reports & Financials

As a non-profit we count on the caring donors who support our mission, so EarthShare is very serious about holding itself accountable to its member charities, its board of directors, the environment, and you — our donors. Annual audits and financial reports plus our monthly e-newsletters let us share successes with the people who make our work possible.

Financials and Reports - Corporate Executive Shaking Hands - EarthShare National - Environmental non-profit charity organization and environment volunteering
Innovation and opportunity

In addition to workplace giving and specific programmatic fees, EarthShare considers and may accept corporate contributions and partnership opportunities that make environmental and economic sense. These opportunities can include corporate matching gifts through workplace giving, corporate grants, in-kind donations, cause related marketing opportunities, sponsorship and other revenue opportunities. Proposals shall be evaluated in terms of anticipated revenue and other benefits for EarthShare, its mission, and its vital network of environmental and conservation member organizations.

Acceptance of contributions does not imply any form of endorsement by EarthShare OR its membership, nor does it imply any benefit received by any or all member organizations specific to this gift. EarthShare recognizes that not all members may agree with a given partnership and/or contribution and may choose to opt out of any involvement, participation, or resulting benefit.