Everyone takes action for a healthy planet.

Our Mission

We amplify impact by providing individuals, businesses, and nonprofits with inspiration and tools to work together for a just and sustainable world.

To date, our work has driven more than


to urgent environmental issues.

A History of Success

EarthShare recognizes the power and influence of committed individuals. That’s why for more than three decades, we’ve worked with employers in the public and private sectors to ensure environmental nonprofits are represented in workplace employee giving and engagement campaigns. We have provided millions of individuals with the opportunity to begin and continue their environmental journey.

Comprised of the most well-respected and innovative nonprofits, our network tackles our planet’s greatest threats by offering solutions to combat climate change, environmental injustice, threatened food systems, at-risk ecosystems, and a multitude of other issues.

Our Values

  • Equity | We believe everyone deserves to thrive in a clean, healthy environment. 
  • Collaboration | We embrace the fact that when we collaborate with partners, businesses and peers, we solve our planet’s environmental challenges more quickly and with greater buy-in. 
  • Leadership | We create the tools and nurture the engagement that make it easier for the environmental community to make a greater impact, together. 
  • Passion | The pressing need to address environmental issues right now fuels us on and off the clock. 
  • Transparency | We’re open with our transactions and organizational operations to ensure we meet the highest standard of accountability and fiscal responsibility. 
  • Innovation | We readily embrace bold ideas and technology to help us drive momentum for environmental action.
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