10 Hispanic Environmental Activists You Need to Know NOW 

EarthShare - 10 Hispanic Environmental Activists You Need to Know NOW

We’re halfway through National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep 15 – Oct 15), and what better way to celebrate than to highlight 10 amazing Hispanic activists, educators, and influencers taking a positive stand for our planet! From authors to lawyers to Indigenous Rights leaders and everyone in between, we couldn’t be more excited to share with […]

The Global Importance of Regenerative Agriculture

Field of green crops sprouting from the dirt at sunset

Nearly 40% of land use across the globe is dedicated to one thing: agriculture. So, it makes sense that an equally large amount of our natural resources, freshwater in particular, is also dedicated to agriculture and crop growth. Agriculture has been the source of some of humankind’s most defining inventions and innovations, changing entire societies […]

Quiz | October 2023 | Farming & Agriculture

EarthShare - Quiz - October - Agriculture

Farming—it’s absolutely critical for the survival of the human race; from the foods we eat to the clothes we wear and so much in between. But how much does this work impact global environmental health? The answer will shock you!

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