The Environmental Toll of Fracking: A Closer Look at Health, Culture, and Community

EarthShare - Environmental Toll of Fracking

Fracking. The process of using a combination of water, chemicals, and sand to create cracks in rock formations deep underground in order to collect once-trapped gas and oil for use in the fossil fuel industry. Unlike traditional means of capturing fossil fuels, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) was touted as a “cleaner” alternative and, thus, has become […]

Ways to Reduce Water Pollution This Summer

EarthShare - Ways to Reduce Water Pollution This Summer

It’s hard to top a relaxing summer day at the beach or lake. Unfortunately, these warmer months also bring toxins and a surplus of damaging nutrients to waterways. Heat waves and droughts are also known to bring pollutants into our water supply. So, what can be done about it? In this article, we’re discussing a […]

Quiz | July 2023 | Ocean Pollution

EarthShare - Quiz July 2022 - Ocean Pollution

The ocean is one of our most critical resources. How much do you know about ocean pollution and its effects on the world around us? Put your knowledge to the test!

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