How to Use a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) to Protect the Environment 

wind turbines on hills

A Donor-Advised Fund, also known as a DAF, is a type of giving account which allows donors to make tax-deductible charitable contributions that can be granted to nonprofits immediately or over time. Depending on who is hosting the DAF, contributors can invest money, stock, or cryptocurrency. Money placed in a DAF account is tax-deductible and […]

Why Nonprofit Partnerships Matter and How They Will Benefit Your Business 

Consumers and employees are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about social impact and, more than ever, they actively search for brands that share their values and support similar causes. In fact, a recent Global Trends report indicated that, “70% of respondents say they buy from brands they believe reflect their own principles.” In addition, 88% of millennial […]

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