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Better Biofuels
Preparing for Climate Change
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Preparing for Climate Change: Q&A with Vicki Arroyo Posted at 04.23.2014 12:38PM

Rising sea levels, droughts and wildfires are just some of the impacts the US is facing because of climate change. How can we prepare for more to come? more»

Earth Day 2014: Green Cities Posted at 04.02.2014 2:19PM

Whether it’s Chicago’s green infrastructure programs, Austin’s smart grid or Portland’s bike networks, there are no shortage of great green ideas coming from our cities. more»

Beyond Corn: Finding Better Biofuels Posted at 04.02.2014 2:06PM

Gas isn't great, but corn isn't any better. “Second-generation” biofuels like those made from grasses and algae are proving to be better for the environment than the more popular corn ethanol.  more»

Blasting the Atlantic: A Seismic Issue Posted at 03.26.2014 11:20AM

The government estimates that more than 138,000 marine mammals will be injured, and possibly killed, by seismic airgun blasting for oil and gas in the Atlantic. Oceana is working to stop it. more»

Earth Month Roundup 2014 Posted at 03.24.2014 2:58PM

Earth Day is just one day, but our calendar will help you get involved all April long, thanks to EarthShare member charities and affiliates.  more»

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