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Urban Parks
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Why Urban Parks Matter Posted at 06.30.2015 12:36PM

Urban parks are dynamic institutions that play a vital role in the social, economic and physical well-being of America's cities and their residents. EarthShare member City Parks Alliance advocates for the parks that provide us so many benefits. more»

The Electric Utility Revolution Posted at 06.30.2015 11:48AM

In just 20 years, the telecommunications industry completely changed because of new technology. Now a similar shift is happening for electric utilities, and it's good news for clean energy. more»

Costa Rica: A Model for Sustainability Posted at 05.30.2015 8:53AM

Costa Rica gets most of its energy from renewable sources and has banned hunting and mining. As the world moves toward a cleaner future, we would do well to look here for sustainable inspiration.  more»

Valuing Nature's Services Posted at 05.01.2015 6:31PM

EarthShare Member Forest Trends is integrating the value of nature‚Äôs services into our economic system so that precious resources, such was water and forests, can still be enjoyed by many generations to come. more»

EarthShare Fellowship Winner Announced Posted at 05.01.2015 5:55PM

The inaugural EarthShare Fellowship has been awarded by the Architecture Foundation of Georgia to Quinpeng Wang, a PhD candidate studying sustainable design and construction at the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech. more»

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