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A Big Plan to Fight Food Waste Posted at 04.18.2016 10:03AM

Every year, American consumers, businesses, and farms spend $218 billion growing, processing, transporting, and disposing food that is never eaten. A new report shows how we can cut food waste by 20% in the next 15 years. more»

Q&A with River Commuter and Advocate Gabe Horchler Posted at 03.28.2016 10:15AM

During fair weather months, Gabriel hops in his rowing shell to commute to work down the Anacostia River. We asked Gabriel about his commute, and why he’s so involved in groups like EarthShare member charity Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS). more»

Earth Month Roundup 2016 Posted at 03.21.2016 12:55PM

Find out how to celebrate Earth Month in your state this year. more»

Get Involved > 2016 Anacostia River Cleanup Posted at 03.04.2016 10:54AM

April 23rd is the Annual Earth Day Cleanup and Celebration coordinated by Anacostia Watershed Society! Each year, thousands of volunteers donate a few hours to remove tons of debris from DC’s Anacostia River.  more»

Fixing Climate Education Posted at 03.02.2016 2:27PM

Why is there such a huge gap between the scientific consensus and what Americans know about climate change? A recent study shows that our education system isn't up to speed on the science. Here's what EarthShare members are doing about it. more»

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