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Teens Fight Climate Change
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NASA’s Big Picture on Climate Change Posted at 03.01.2015 12:50PM

Because of its unique “big picture” view of our planet, NASA is undertaking extensive research on climate change. Using a fleet of cutting-edge satellites and teams of scientists, NASA is showing us what we can expect on a warming planet. more»

Teens Lead on Climate with ACE Posted at 03.01.2015 12:21PM

The Alliance for Climate Education's empowering live presentations on climate change have reached over 5,000 schools since 2009, giving teenagers the knowledge they need to take action.  more»

The Climate Change Threat to Birds Posted at 02.09.2015 10:41AM

Many species of birds are in the crosshairs of climate change, and the National Audubon Society is raising the alarm. more»

Five Ways to Join Global Divestment Day Posted at 01.21.2015 1:43PM

The fossil divestment movement has been gathering momentum and on February 13-14, advocates will celebrate Global Divestment Day. Want to move your money to a clean future? Here’s how. more»

How to Save Big on Solar Posted at 01.01.2015 11:48AM

The price of solar has plummeted 80% in the last few years, making solar not just one of the most impactful things we can do as individuals to halt climate change, but also something that can put money in our pockets. more»

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