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Clear the Clutter
10 Tips to Clear the Clutter Posted at 03.11.2017 10:32AM

Many Americans are questioning this habit of over-consumption and making efforts to downsize, minimize, and simplify. Here are some tips that will help you clear out the clutter and live lightly on the planet.  more»

Getting Companies to Act on Foam Pollution Posted at 03.11.2017 10:01AM

Is this the beginning of the end for expanded polystyrene, the risky foam packaging used for takeout food, coffee cups and package cushioning? more»

Beyond Voting: How to Be a Super Citizen Posted at 02.08.2017 10:31AM

"There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” How YOU can be an active citizen - get started with our guide. more»

Top 30 Environmental News Sources Posted at 02.08.2017 10:23AM

When it comes to environmental and science news, these outlets are doing the best work.  more»

Getting Congress to Care: Q&A with Carol Werner Posted at 02.08.2017 10:10AM

Carol Werner, Executive Director of the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) works to build Congressional support for environmental protection, and shared what citizens can do to make a difference. more»

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