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Water is a Human Right
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Save the Black Rhino Posted at 01.31.2016 7:57PM

The IUCN's most recent black rhino count in 2013 found just 5,055 left. We have serious challenges to protect the black rhinos we have left, and we don’t have much time.  more»

The Human Right to Safe Water in Flint Posted at 01.27.2016 10:35AM

Our basic rights to clean air and water are under threat even in a prosperous country like the US, and require constant vigilance. more»

Protecting the Waters of the Caribbean Posted at 12.02.2015 5:00AM

Through its Blue Halo Initiative, the Environmental Law Institute is working to protect the precious waters of the Caribbean Sea through supporting the creation of Marine Protected Areas. more»

The Power of a Shed Posted at 12.02.2015 5:00AM

The Amazon Conservation Association's (CFC# 49371) Conserving Brazil Nut Forests program is partnering with indigenous harvesters to build drying sheds, preventing spoilage and increasing revenue. more»

Helping a Rainforest in Need Posted at 12.02.2015 5:00AM is working with local landowners to preserve important rain forests and to help mitigate the effects of global warming. more»

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