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A Heroic Osprey Rescue Posted at 08.01.2016 11:37AM

After a nest of osprey chicks find themselves in a life-threatening situation, the Owl Moon Raptor Center saves the day. more»

A Fascination for Raptors Posted at 07.27.2016 9:43AM

There are few animals that capture the American imagination more than raptors. Jerry Liguori, a seasoned educator at EarthShare member group HawkWatch International, reflects on his work and how people can support these majestic animals. more»

Cross-Country by Rail in Photos Posted at 07.06.2016 11:57AM

EESI intern Christianna Johnson recently made a three-day journey from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Washington, DC via the California Zephyr. These are the photos she took on her trip. more»

Fixing America's Transportation System with EESI Posted at 07.06.2016 10:52AM

While the US has been making progress in scaling up renewable energy and efficiency in the last 10 years, our transportation system remains wasteful. EarthShare Member EESI is working to fix it. more»

Saving Animals from Cruel Captivity Posted at 06.09.2016 7:01AM

Ringling is moving out of the elephant business and SeaWorld is moving out of the performing orca business. If these two stalwarts of wild animal captivity and performance can evolve, perhaps there is hope for all animals in need. more»

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