Cause Campaigns

EarthShare Cause Campaigns
Focusing impact

A Cause Campaign enables donors to personalize their giving by focusing on a specific cause that matters most to them.

EarthShare cause funds are comprised of vetted nonprofit member organizations moving the needle on the most pressing environmental issues we face today. This means donations to a cause fund support both local and national EarthShare organizations that conduct program work directly impacting the cause.

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EarthShare Cause Campaigns
Find your cause

EarthShare offers six established cause funds and can also develop strategically tailored funds based on our partners’ goals, causes of focus, or targeted geographic regions.

Environment & Health
EarthShare National - Programming - EarthShare Issue Funds
Energy & Climate
EarthShare-Program-Issue Fund-Energy and Climate
Water Issues
EarthShare National - Programs & Services - Issue Fund Giving - Water Issues
Environmental Education
EArthShare-Program-Issue Fund-Environmental Education
Forests, Parks & Land
EarthShare National - Programs & Services - Issue Funds Giving Philanthropy
Wildlife Protection
EarthShare-Program-Issue Fund-Wildlife
EarthShare Cause Campaigns
Help your planet and
enhance your workplace

More than 70 percent of giving is directed by individual donors — and research indicates donors are hungry for information about how to give with impact!

A Cause Campaign makes it easy for donors to understand how they are making a difference, and can underscore a corporate commitment toward specific environmental, social, and sustainability goals.

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EarthShare offers several ways to give

EarthShare can help you identify the philanthropic option that best fits your company or organization. Contact us today to discuss a Cause Campaign, Employee Philanthropy, cause marketing, or customer philanthropy.

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