Employee Philanthropy

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Employee Philanthropy
The original crowdfunding
Workplace giving combines the power of many to build more resources and accelerate progress!

EarthShare empowers employees by giving them a voice in how they give back to the Earth we share. As America’s largest network of environmental organizations, we are your one-stop solution for helping employees impact a full range of environmental and conservation causes. You can rest assured that your contributions are used responsibly. EarthShare’s nonprofit members meet strict eligibility criteria and represent the most respected, trusted, and influential environmental nonprofits in the U.S.

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Employee Philanthropy
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Together we have raised more than $300 million to protect and preserve our planet for every one of us who call it home.

Even $1 per paycheck can make a difference in the health of everyday resources we count on, from clean air and water to the food we eat and the outdoor places where we play. For more than 30 years, EarthShare has made it easy for people to actively contribute to solutions and programs that protect our natural resources and our quality of life.

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Employee Philanthropy - To Date - EarthShare National - Environmental non-profit charity organization and environment volunteering
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Whether your workplace is beginning its journey or you’re ready to share your sustainability story with the world, EarthShare meets you where you are to tailor and deliver company-wide programs to meet and exceed your goals. Our EarthShare at Work program can include philanthropic options such as Employee Giving and Cause Campaigns, too. We also partner on cause marketing opportunities!


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