Sustainability Challenge





DUTIES. EarthShare shall provide to Customer and end users of the Customer software, support and training to participate in the Sustainability Challenge. Customer will compete with other companies on the same software during the Challenge. The only information shared among Customer end users will be first name, last name, company name, and total points. Customer name and total points accumulated by participating Customer end users will also be viewable by all Challenge participants. Customer and end users will have the opportunity to post messages and pictures through the software to socially engage with other Customers and Challenge participants. That information will be viewable by all Challenge participants. EarthShare shall keep all other information confidential provided by the Customer or their end users and shall not use that information for marketing purposes or provide it to any third party.

FEES. The cost for participation in the Sustainability Challenge for small businesses is $250 (for companies with 1–50 employees) and $500 (for companies with 51–250 employees). EarthShare will accept credit card payment via this form.

TERM AND TERMINATION. The initial term for this Agreement shall be for three weeks (June 1–22, 2022) and shall commence upon the execution of this Agreement by the Parties (the “Initial Term”). Either party may terminate this agreement for convenience with at least thirty (30) days written notice. To be effective, any notice of termination must be emailed to [email protected] EarthShare and Customer may agree in writing to revoke any termination, in which case, this Agreement will remain in effect.