Pathways: A Virtual Guide for Exploring Our Planet

This self-driven guide will get your team exploring the wonders of our planet wherever they are.

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Connect & Explore

Discover the world around you, no matter where you are, and connect to a multitude of fun and inspiring online experiences the whole family can enjoy.

With Pathways: A Virtual Guide to Exploring Our Planetyou and your employees can take their own unique exploratory journeys with links to live wildlife video cams, stunning images of natural places around the world, videos that delve into a broad range of environmental topics, and more. Our guide compiles the wonders of our planet and puts them at employees’ fingertips!

Ideas & Activities

Each day we’re bombarded with scary news about serious issues impacting us and our world. Pathways allows us to take a pause and celebrate this place we call home, inspiring readers with opportunities to discover the precious beauty of our planet and offering new ways to take action to protect it.

Online activities have been carefully curated by EarthShare to bring your team the most compelling environmental insights and activities — from citizen science efforts to fun games for all ages.

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What You Get

  • Pathways lets readers move at their own pace and helps them focus on subjects that interest them most and dive as deep as they want.
  • Special “Closer Look” sections offer online science and data resources for readers to delve into specific issues.
  • Price: $2,500 (including company branding)

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