App-based Sustainability Challenges

EarthShare's Engage app will help your team create long-lasting positive environmental habits. And they'll have a blast doing it!

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Play & Learn

Connect employees with EarthShare Engage! This interactive mobile app will put your colleagues to the test as they compete in a series of eco-friendly challenges about energy, water, waste, transportation, and environmental justice.

Games can be organized to allow individuals, teams, and different company locations to compete. You can inspire friendly competition with company-sponsored prizes and incentives. EarthShare Engage builds teamwork and learning no matter where your people are located!

How the Engage App Works

Users log actions to earn points, which helps them, or their team climb the leaderboard. EarthShare Engage not only calculates points, but also the tangible positive impact users and their organizations create. It’s easy:

  • Take Action | Make sustainable choices throughout the day.
  • Get Social | Share your actions and get inspiration from others.
  • Game Time | Compete to rack up points on the leaderboard.
  • Make an Impact | See the positive impact your habits make.
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What You Get

  • Available for iOS and Android, EarthShare Engage allows teams to make positive changes in their everyday lives, no matter where they work or live.
  • Interactive social elements spark conversation and friendly competition, uniting employees around specific actions that help improve our world.
  • Fun EarthShare Engage actions help to build and support a conscientious workplace culture.
  • Price: $3,500 (includes company branding)

“It was great to engage and follow colleagues from around the world, to connect, be inspired, and know that you’re doing good together.”

— Guardian Life Insurance Employee

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