ACCLIMATE: An Introduction to Climate Change

Help your team get the facts about climate change and learn how to take action with our engaging and easy-to-follow resource.

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Start the Conversation

ACCLIMATE offers a unique, accessible look at modern climate change and its effect on the planet. This detailed and informal educational resource explores the complexities of our changing climate to show how individuals and communities can take meaningful actions for a healthy, sustainable future.

With quick climate facts and compelling infographics, ACCLIMATE invites readers to opt into the conversation at any point, regardless of their prior knowledge of climate science.

Facts & Actions

ACCLIMATE looks at climate change through two distinct lenses: data-based facts and innovative actions.

Get the Facts examines the history and science of climate change and a discussion of the myriad societal connections to climate change, including health and environmental justiceWhat You Can Do details efforts to prevent, mitigate, and adapt to the most adverse impacts of a warming planet. Examples range from lofty scientific endeavors to simple everyday actions.

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What You Get

  • ACCLIMATE provides an unbiased, science-based perspective on today’s key climate topics.
  • “Explore More” articles offer resources to help reader dive deeper into the topics that matter the most to them.  
  • “Closer Look” sections unpack essential climate issues with an eye to the background science.
  • Price: $2,750 (including company branding)

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