Good for business. Good for the environment.

Develop the custom programs you need to engage stakeholders in your sustainability journey.

Creative Programs for Bold Sustainability Leaders

Employees seek purpose and consumers want to vote with their wallet. A healthy planet is a shared priority for both. Leverage EarthShare’s 30+ years of expertise to create new programming that addresses your specific needs and goals.

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Discovery & Development

EarthShare is your trusted partner every step of the way. From ideation to goal setting, to surveying the landscape, our team will help develop a solid foundation of understanding to maximize the potential impact of future program development.

Programs Built for Success

Whether you need employee engagement programs, experiential consumer and employee opportunities, cause marketing campaigns, or other projects, our team will create a robust blueprint focused on your sustainability and bottom-line objectives. Develop a roadmap that leverages EarthShare’s experience in corporate sustainability, U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and employee and customer engagement tactics.

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Delivery & Execution

You’ll receive dedicated project management and program deliverables that work with your timeline, resources, and budget. We offer flexible and innovative approaches that allow for the addition of new concepts and ongoing program management and adjustment.

Reporting & Analytics

Understanding how to measure success is a key aspect of every EarthShare engagement. We will work with your team to identify key performance indicators, how to track them, and can deliver reporting during and at the conclusion of a collaboration, so that your team can see clearly what was achieved and how you can use that data to inform and inspire stakeholders.

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“EarthShare and NRG share the vision for a future where the consuming public is educated about the hows and whys of their energy use and choices, and aware of the power they have to transition society towards energy efficiency, renewables and energy equity. EarthShare is a conduit to NRG Energy’s community impact. Our ongoing partnership affords us the ability to develop creative solutions to some of our communities’ biggest environmental challenges.”

Jennifer Brunelle || Senior Director, PositiveNRG & Global Giving


  • Improve your stakeholders’ ability to engage in meaningful ways and focus employee, community, and consumer passion toward clear goals and outcomes.
  • Leverage your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability commitments to communicate your company’s vision and purpose, tell your brand’s story, and attract top talent and new customers.
  • Align CSR with human resources, diversity and inclusion, and marketing and public relations for an integrated approach.
  • Build trust with employees and consumers to also build long-term relationships.
  • Attract media attention with your investments and initiatives as the focal point via positive news stories, social sharing, and mentions from benefiting nonprofits and partners.
  • Drive measurable engagement and impact that can be reported and shared with all stakeholders.
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