EarthShare Celebrates 30 Years

Over the last 30 years, EarthShare has raised over $300 million for hundreds of environmental groups across the US—groups that build support for clean energy, protect our cherished natural places, fight for safe products for our families, and much more.

We’ve directed valuable funds to worthy environmental projects by building bridges between our member groups and people like you; people who decided they wanted to make a commitment to the environment by donating a small portion of their paycheck to our member nonprofits, or joining a volunteer event to clean up a local park (to see some of the many achievements your donations have enabled, check out our members’ accomplishments from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2012).

We’re also providing in-depth environmental programming for workplaces that want to engage employees in sustainability. Through our EarthShare at Work program, Employers like Guardian Life Insurance and TIAA connected with our members American Farmland Trust, Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Alliance, and more through tailored volunteering opportunities, mural paintings, and webinars about sustainable farming and corporate responsibility.

“Painting the mural was a great opportunity for our team to get together,” said TIAA staffer and EarthShare at Work participant Debra Kazakavich. “Not only was it a fun project, but it also prompted discussions on hunger and how we can help make a difference in our communities.”

Despite our progress, we’re facing more and more serious threats the environment—climate change, biodiversity loss, and plastic pollution, among other challenges. The need for collaboration to address these threats has never been more urgent.

America’s innovative spirit can and must address these challenges. We can make our workplaces the engines for positive change. Consider EarthShare a partner in this endeavor. 

Whether your workplace is just beginning its journey or you’re ready to share your sustainability story with the world, EarthShare can help you make a difference. Why not start with Earth Month? Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Ask your employer to offer Earth Month at Work, a program that gives workplaces educational and volunteer opportunities with some of the country’s most impactful environmental groups.
  2. Join an Earth Month event or volunteer with a group in your community. Our handy Earth Month Roundup has a lot of opportunities to choose from.
  3. Read our tips for making your workplace more sustainable.
  4. Donate to EarthShare so that we can continue supporting environmental groups working in communities around the country and the world that are protecting our planet.
  5. Read our strategic plan to learn how we’re planning to support our workplace partners and our member nonprofits, grow our network, and engage more people in environmental sustainability in the years ahead.