Your Dollars At Work

Just $1 per pay period will help to:

  • feed one endangered Aplomado Falcon for ten days
  • remove 60 pounds of trash from a beach, catalogue it, and identify who put it there
  • pay for educational materials in Spanish, Portuguese, and English for schoolchildren in Brazil providing information on environmental hazards in their community

Just $2 per pay period will help to:

  • buy one acre of unprotected tropical rainforest which assures the protection of the natural areas vital to our global climate and diverse species
  • provide a day of support for a crew of students volunteering their service in our National Parks for maintenance and community outreach
  • enable a community leader to participate in the planning of a nationwide collaborative campaign that boosts their local visibility and effectiveness

Just $10 per pay period will help to:

  • host a free local workshop for 35 farmers on methods to save their farms and their farming community
  • reforest Central American land with 2,100 seedlings which, when planted, reduce soil erosion and improve family nutrition through gardening
  • purchase equipment for a "camera trap" to help study and count tigers in Southeast Asia

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