Workplace Giving Campaigns

Workplace giving allows employees at workplaces across America to donate to their favorite environmental causes by contributing as little as $1 per paycheck. It’s the most convenient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to give back.

We can help you introduce a workplace giving program that includes the most respected environmental nonprofits in the country. Read below to learn more about the benefits of workplace giving, then contact us at

Our EarthShare at Work program may be a good fit for your company if you’re interested in a custom employee engagement program tailored to meet your needs and sustainability goals. EarthShare at Work can include employee giving.

EarthShare partners with hundreds of corporate, federal, and public workplaces across the country to give employees the chance to support a healthy environment one paycheck at a time. Together we have raised more than $300 million to change the landscape of environmental protection and preservation. Benefits of workplace giving with EarthShare include:

  • Bolster employee morale: 86% of workplace donors polled feel better about their employer because they offer environmental giving options.
  • Help establish your company as an environmental leader.
  • Give with confidence because our member organizations are carefully screened and comprise America’s most respected environmental nonprofits, and EarthShare protects donors' privacy.
  • Give online with ease using our Give@The Office platform, the easiest, greenest way to facilitate employee giving.
  • Provide critical funding needed to protect our natural resources. EarthShare Members care for community health and welfare; protect our air, land and water; seek sustainable energy solutions; preserve wildlife and habitat; and so much more.
  • Enhance your employee engagement and sustainability programs--like the ones we support through EarthShare at Work.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about workplace giving. Ready to get the ball rolling? Contact us at or 800-875-3863.


Yes! EarthShare is CFC #10252. See our page EarthShare in the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) for more information.

Workplace giving is a means by which employees donate to the nonprofits they care about, primarily through payroll pledges. Once a year, donors decide which issues are most important to them and contribute a few dollars per paycheck. It's that easy. And with EarthShare, YOU decide where your donation goes; we don't make that decision for you. Donations through workplace giving enable EarthShare's member organizations to spend less time fundraising and more time working toward a healthier environment!

Employees are presented with charitable giving options, typically once a year, and they may then pledge any amount they wish to be automatically sent to the organizations of their choice.  It’s that easy.

Our experienced staff will :

  • Assist your workplace with launching a new campaign or adding EarthShare to an existing one;
  • Provide brochures, pledge forms, videos, posters, speakers and all other elements necessary for running a successful campaign, as desired;
  • Supply electronic lists, graphics and other elements for an online campaign; and
  • Assist in creating campaign pledge and financial reports, and more.

EarthShare distributes your gifts to America’s most respected environmental and conservation nonprofit organizations.  You can view our full list of national member organizations here.

EarthShare requires current and prospective nonprofit members to meet numerous eligibility criteria before they're considered for membership in the federation. We review and evaluate all of our member organizations annually based on these criteria, to protect our donors' investments. EarthShare is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance and is a Guidestar Exchange Partner in Trust.

EarthShare offers three ways to give:

  • Our unique One-Gift option: EarthShare will share your gift among all the member organizanizations listed in your campaign.
  • One Charity: You may give directly to your favorite organization through EarthShare.
  • Multi-gift option: You may choose to share your gift with any comnination of our member organizations!

Issue funds are a great option for a company that wants to focus giving on specific environmental topics that align with their sustainability or CSR goals, or offer a short list of environmental causes for employees to support. A donation to an issue fund supports both local and national member nonprofits that are making the most impact on that issue. Your company can select one, several, or all funds(s) to offer in an Issue Fund Campaign. EarthShare offers six issue funds for employees to participate in:

  • Environment and Health
  • Environmental Education
  • Climate and Energy
  • Forests, Parks, and Land Conservation
  • Water Issues
  • Wildlife Protection

Contact us at for more information about Issue Funds.

Your employer's payroll department sends the campaign results to EarthShare. EarthShare then reports to its members the amount of the donations they will receive, allowing them to budget with confidence. As the funds are remitted by your employer, they are distributed out to the appropriate organizations.

EarthShare has one of the lowest overheads of any comparable federation. Only 7.9% of our budget goes to administrative and fundraising costs; the remainder goes directly to support our member charities. Overhead rates vary for EarthShare state affiliates.

Raising funds through payroll contributions in workplace giving campaigns is many times cheaper than direct mail. With lower fundraising costs, more money can go directly to programs and services!

No. EarthShare member organization eligibility guidelines prohibit this, and federal law requires that our benefiting members not engage in political activity as it applies to 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Though these organizations may engage in public advocacy work, they must raise other funds to support political work.

As of 2011, the United Way NCA will no longer provide donors with the opportunity to give to EarthShare, its member charities, and to several other federations previously offered through these campaigns. ***If your local United Way campaign doesn’t include EarthShare in its list of eligible organizations, find out if your campaign has a write-in option. Many campaigns allow you to designate your donation to any eligible, tax-exempt nonprofit. If yours does, write “EarthShare” in the space provided on your pledge card, along with our address: 7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 900, Bethesda, MD 20814. ** Please be sure to ask your campaign manager about any minimum gift amount requirements imposed by United Way; some United Ways won't honor your designations unless you give at a certain level.**

 EarthShare still not available to you?  Ask your employer about adding choice to your campaign. EarthShare runs side-by-side with United Way and many other federations in hundreds of campaigns across the country – contact us to learn how easy it is to add choice.

No, it doesn't. Health, environment, wildlife, diversity, international development and relief, and social justice issues affect companies, communities, and families. But did you know that these concerns are not fully addressed through the traditional United Way-only campaign? Employees should be able to choose from a variety of causes that reflect their own interests. If your workplace would like to add new options to your campaign in addition to EarthShare's member organizations, we're happy to recommend Charities @ Work, a unified, combined campaign program featuring a number of federations that cover a broad range of issues.Contact us to learn more about how we can help set up an EarthShare / Charities @ Work campaign at your workplace.

Every year, EarthShare participates in the largest workplace giving campaign in the world: The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a campaign tailored to meet the needs of federal employees, including U.S. postal workers and the U.S. military at home and overseas. To give to EarthShare through the CFC, simply enter CFC code #10252 on your pledge card during the next fund drive. If you would like to donate specifically to our member organizations through the CFC, please enter the appropriate code(s) on your pledge card, which you can find on our Combined Federal Campaign page.

Yes! All contributions to EarthShare and EarthShare organizations are tax-deductible.

You’d be surprised just how far a dollar goes. For example, giving two dollars per pay period could help to protect one acre of tropical rainforest, provide a day of support for a crew of students volunteering in our national parks. Regardless of your budget, you WILL make a difference.

You have the option every year during your workplace campaign to renew your support and change your gift recipients.  You can also call us if you wish to stop a gift or switch an allocation.

Yes! You’re always welcome to contact EarthShare ( or 800-875-3863) to talk, have your questions answered or arrange an in-person meeting.

We understand! You’ll be surprised just how easy an EarthShare campaign is to maintain and monitor -- and now it's even easier thanks to our online Give @ the Office solution -- the most affordable and simple online pledging solution on the market! We give you all the tools and materials you need to implement payroll contributions, and we'll advise you about campaign best practices and online giving options that can help streamline the pledging and record-keeping process. Please get in touch to learn more.

Employer matches are left up to the discretion of the workplace. To encourage your employer to match employee donations, we recommend talking to them about the benefits of a successful EarthShare workplace giving campaign. You can also contact us ( / 800.875.3863) to receive brochures and information.

See the list on this page, which includes both workplace giving partners and EarthShare at Work partners.