Why offer EarthShare @ Work?

EarthShare understands the importance of making it possible for workplaces of all sizes to offer dynamic engagement programs that give employees a variety of ways to connect, contribute, and volunteer. It's our business to ensure that the EarthShare @ Work program can be added quickly and easily to your workplace giving and engagement initiatives.

Don't have a program yet? We can help you development and launch one that addresses the specific needs and goals of your workplace.

EarthShare @ Work helps our employer partners:

  • Strengthen their business through increased engagement: 86% of workplace donors polled feel better about their employer because they offer environmental giving options.* Employee engagement is a leading indicator of financial performance – engaged organizations have 3.9 times the earnings growth compared to organizations with lower engagement in the same industry.**
  • Inspire their employees to make personal changes that can improve the health and well being of their families and communities, and improve efficiencies at the workplace.
  • Foster team-building by uniting employees for a common purpose and to achieve corporate sustainability goals.
  • Increase the company’s visibility as a socially responsible member of the community.
  • Actively demonstrate commitment to improving their employees’ health and the health of the planet.
  • Support respected, carefully screened nonprofits that care for community health and welfare; protect our air, land and water; seek sustainable energy solutions; preserve wildlife and habitat; and so much more.

Ready to engage your employees and align your workplace values with a sustainable, healthy future?

Connect today! info@earthshare.org // 800.875.3863