Top 30 Environmental News Sources

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Our media landscape is in uncharted territory. Political divisiveness mixed with insular social networks and deceptive websites have led many people to distrust the media completely.

There are, however, many sources and writers doing fact-based, top-notch reporting. When it comes to environmental and science news, these outlets are doing the best work. Read, subscribe, and share to support the journalists upholding a free press.

The Aggregators
These websites pull in stories from all over the world, providing a comprehensive overview of the environmental news of the day from a variety of perspectives and outlets:

Environmental Health News
EJToday (also available as an RSS feed)

The Old Guard
These news outlets have been around for decades and hold themselves to high standards of integrity and quality. Many local newspapers like The Baltimore Sun, The Oregonian, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Miami Herald have also been recognized for excellent reporting by the Society of Environmental Journalists and often have an intimacy with the subject matter and place that larger publications may lack.

Associated Press
The Guardian

The Policy Wonks
Want to know who’s voting for and against environmental protections in Congress? How about a play-by-play on legislation and executive actions on conservation, energy, and climate change? These outlets will give you the scoop:

The Washington Post
The Hill
E&E News

The Audio Lovers
Prefer to get your news through earbuds instead of newsprint or computer screens? These podcasts and radio programs are your best bet:

NPR and the podcast Living on Earth
The Environment Report
Deutsche Welle’s Living Planet

The Science Buffs
Want to learn more about the science behind environmental challenges? Check out these sites:

Scientific American
Nature News
The Weather Channel
NASA Climate News

The Nonprofit Upstarts
Newbie, web-based nonprofit news outlets often produce long-form, investigative stories ignored by more fast-paced television networks, for instance. Issues specific to particular regions and states are also covered:

InsideClimate News
High Country News
Midwest Energy News

The Advocates
These EarthShare members have teams of writers who cover environmental issues from an advocacy and activist perspective:

NRDC’s On Earth
Earth Island Journal
Sierra Club Magazine
Environmental & Energy Study Institute
EDF Voices: People on the Planet
Union of Concerned Scientists

The Fact Checkers
Need to quickly corroborate (or debunk) a tidbit passed along on Facebook or elsewhere? Swing by these reference checking 'watchdog' sites for clarity:

Washington Post Fact Checker





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