8 Ways to Celebrate Climate Week

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The next three months will be pivotal for the climate. In December, world leaders will gather in Paris at COP21 to hash out a plan to cut carbon emissions. Will it be enough to solve the climate crisis? It remains to be seen, but as citizens, we have power too. We can take action and hold our leaders accountable.

Participating in Climate Week from September 21-28 is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to a healthy world. In New York, leaders and citizens from business, government and nonprofits will gather to talk solutions but even if you don’t live in New York, you can still get involved. Here’s how:

Attend a Climate Week event in New York City. NYC is the place to be during Climate Week. Last year, the city saw the largest ever climate march with over 400,000 people calling world leaders gathered at the UN to take action on climate. While we won’t see a major climate march this year, there are events taking place around the city. Check out the calendar here.

Host a film screening for friends and family and use the event as an opportunity to call your representatives or donate to a climate advocacy group. There are lots of great movies to pick from. Our favorites? Chasing Ice, Years of Living Dangerously, Disruption, and Merchants of Doubt.

Volunteer. Want to help install solar in your community, join a demonstration, or press your member of Congress to act on climate? Sign up to volunteer with organizations like the Sierra Club, Grid Alternatives, 350.org or Citizens Climate Lobby.

Throw an assembly on climate change at your local high school. Alliance for Climate Education has reached over 200 million students with their engaging and inspiring climate presentation. Want them to come to your school? Fill out this form.

Read our tips on switching to renewable energy, investing in a clean future through your retirement fund, biking to work, and weatherizing your home.

Commit to joining the National Day of Action. People across the world will draw attention to the climate crisis on October 14. Start planning your action now! The People’s Climate Movement has lots of ideas on their website.

Brush up on COP21. Can nations keep carbon emissions in check to save the climate? All eyes will be on Paris in early December 2015 when the city hosts the 21st annual UN climate conference (COP21). Not sure what COP21 is and how you can participate? Browse the UN Paris Portal to get up-to-speed.

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