Recycle Used E-Waste & Support EarthShare!

With the fast pace of changing technology, we all have to do our part to keep electronics and associated THINKRECYCLEitems out of landfills. Improperly disposed of equipment like cell phones and laptops can take hundreds of years to decompose -- and in the process they can contaminate the surrounding air, water and soil.

That's why EarthShare has partnered with Think Recycle™ on the collection of unwanted electronics. Together we can divert millions of pounds of harmful and sometimes toxic e-waste from entering landfill sites. Materials are then refurbished and reused so they can be used in the production of new electronics and goods!

But there's more!

Not only can EarthShare and Think Recycle™ help you protect our environment through responsible electronics recycling, you can raise money for causes you care about at the same time! Think Recycle offers rebates on:

• All collected cell phones and smart phones
• All collected laptop computers
• Specified inkjet and toner cartridges

Whether you're an individual, an employee group, or an entire workplace, we can help you get started as a Program Partner to set up a collection and arrange for your rebate funds to help EarthShare. Think Recycle™ will even provide branded collection boxes to support your electronics collection drive, and shipping labels and instructions for sending in your items! What could be easier?

Contact us today to get started: