Making a Difference around the World

EarthShare members are based, and primarily work in the US, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make big impacts in other countries. Here are some ways our member groups are fostering environmental stewardship everywhere from Argentina to Zambia.


Improving Transportation in Brazil

Bus Rapid Transit in Ecuador (ITDP)

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) is developing a comprehensive sustainable urban mobility plan in Brazil that will improve access to transit and foster sustainable development. Already, ITDP has helped bolster the Brazillian government’s support of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT riders get the convenience of a rail system without rails: by using buses that have dedicated lanes, fare collection in station platforms and priority at traffic signals. ITDP supports low-impact transportation systems like these around the world.

Stopping Polluting Gold Mining Practices in Turkey

Photo of gold mine pollution in Taiwan by Eric van Wijk

EarthworksNo Dirty Gold campaign encourages retailers to stop sourcing precious metals from corporations with polluting mining practices in places like Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, the United States, and Norway. Major stores like Target and Cartier have signed onto Earthworks “Golden Rules” to call for mining companies to abide by social, environmental, and human rights criteria.


Protecting Wild Places in Canada

Juris Peepre
Juris Peepre

The Yukon’s Peel Watershed is home to the greatest constellation of wild mountain rivers in North America but mining companies are eyeing this pristine region of Canada. The Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative builds and supports collaboration between organizations, communities, and businesses to conserve the Peel Watershed, and other important ecosystems across Western Canada and the US.


Planning a Low-Carbon Future in China

Remko Tanis

In Qingdao, China the World Resources Institute (WRI) helped the city prioritize low-carbon development and set a goal of reducing its carbon intensity 45% by 2020. WRI calculated the city’s energy use, collected traffic data, and recommended policies that leaders are putting into practice. Lessons learned in Qingdao will help WRI scale up sustainable urbanization in China and other emerging countries.


Inspiring Future Environmental Stewards in Rwanda

African Wildlife Foundation

Despite Africa’s wealth of wildlife, it is often tourists, and not locals, who get to experience the country’s majestic parks. The African Wildlife Foundation, recognizing that permit prices were a barrier for local people to experience neighboring wildlife, took students on a Gorilla Trek in Rwanda. Expeditions like these motivate the next generation to care for nature.



Saving Coral Reefs and Fisheries in Oceana

Coral bleaching due to warming ocean water has the potential to destroy the resources that have been providing Palauans in Micronesia with food and resources for over 3000 years. The Nature Conservancy, the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) and a network of conservation professionals have been monitoring Palau's reefs since 1998 in order to make coral reef conservation efforts more effective.


Supporting Sustainable Farmers in Honduras

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) has worked with families in rural farming communities in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama since 1997 to help them overcome poverty and preserve tropical forests. In that time, these families have planted over 3 million trees! In Honduras, nearly 200 families are abandoning conventional slash-and-burn farming in favor of sustainable agriculture. Not only is the transition helping the environment, the families are better off too: In the last six months, they’ve increased their average agricultural income by more than 15%.


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