Summer Fun To Help The Planet with

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It’s summertime and many of us are vacationing – this means more airline flights and car trips, staying in hotels and resorts, dining out, boating, and going on motorized tours.  While these activities are a lot of fun and sure to create family memories, transportation alone accounts for 40 percent of our nation’s fossil-fuel-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. In fact, just one vacation can be worse than commuting for an entire year!*

This is why EarthShare member the Foundation, a climate solutions nonprofit organization, has launched its “Environmental Triple-Play” campaign to support your summer fun AND help you help the environment. Their tree-planting donation program rewards participants with gift certificates – you’ll even get a chance to win a Caribbean trip.’s tree-planting programs are tailored to the needs of communities around the world, primarily in less developed countries.  These projects create jobs, fight the harmful effects of climate change, and move us toward a cleaner environment and a ZeroCarbon® World. Trees help our planet by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide, improving local air and water quality by filtering pollutants, controlling flooding, and preserving biodiversity, among many other benefits.’s tree-planting triple play program is its most ambitious campaign ever, with a goal of planting 50 million trees worldwide. 

It’s simple to get involved:  Visit the Facebook page where you can enter their vacation sweepstakes. Then, each time you make a donation to plant trees, you’ll receive dining rewards; for instance, a $50 donation plants 50 trees and includes a $100 gift certificate.  With a $100 donation, you’ll plant 100 trees and triple your donation dollars with a $300 gift certificate.

"This is a great deal for both people and our planet,” says Eric Carlson, president of  " was founded with a mission to make it simple and affordable for individuals and businesses to help improve the environment and fight the effects of climate change."

For more than ten years, the Foundation has created innovative ways to engage and reward its supporters to hasten the transition to an improved environment and a cleaner energy future.  They support tree-planting projects in the U.S. and worldwide, with the majority of the plantings happening in India, South America and Haiti.  Projects range from large-scale reforestation not intended for timber or harvest activities, to the integration of indigenous tree species with agricultural systems.

Learn more about the’s projects on their website.

* Want to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling? Visit the Union of Concerned Scientists Getting There Greener Guide.