Green Quiz: Farmers Market

Ianmalcm / Flickr

In 1994, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) began publishing the annual National Directory of Farmers Markets which list farmers markets known to operate in the U.S. How many farmers markets did the directory list in 2012?


A. 2,982

B. 5,098

C. 6,221

D. 7,864

Answer: D. While the official count of US farmers markets in 2012 was 7,864, the number is probably even higher considering that some markets don’t report their existence. More markets are moving into “food deserts” where access to fresh food is difficult and they’re also boosting local economies. The Union of Concerned Scientists found that “even modest public support for up to 500 farmer's markets annually would create up to 13,500 jobs in a five-year window”.



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