Why I Support EarthShare

By Deirdre King-Hooge, United Healthcare

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I’ve supported numerous charitable organizations over the years, many of them near and dear to my heart, and all incredibly worthy causes. Most have involved helping people with medical care, illnesses, diseases and other important health and wellness issues. I’ve also supported those that help with education, food, housing, job skills and other important social issues.

I have family members and friends that have or have had various kinds of cancers, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis, autism and more. Some of them have fallen on hard economic times, from losing jobs to being unable to feed their families. I have walked, pledged, and volunteered for all of them, and for those I will never meet.

So why have I added EarthShare New England to my portfolio? While my giving and volunteerism have been most affected by the people I see around me, the environment is an essential part of a healthy and happy future.

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and saw the first Earth Day and the first “big” energy crisis, where gas prices first went over $1.00 and you filled your gas tank on either odd or even numbered days (depending on your license plate). My dad installed solar panels and pellet stoves in our house. Therefore I’m not new to this. Protecting the environment has always been important to me and I’ve always done my small part: recycling, turning off lights, conserving water and gas.

When I came to United Healthcare two years ago and learned about EarthShare, I was excited to know that environmental charities were included in our giving campaign. It resonated with another part of what’s important to me: leaving the world a better, cleaner, more beautiful place for my children and grandchildren.

EarthShare was founded to foster environmental philanthropy through both public education and workplace giving campaigns (like our Giving Campaign), raising millions of dollars for the most respected and responsible environmental and conservation organizations in the country. Today, EarthShare supports 71 national organizations and hundreds of local groups, showing people and organizations effective ways to support critical environmental causes. This includes global warming, toxic contaminants, endangered species, and much more.

I was so excited about what EarthShare New England does that I joined their Board of Directors! I’m learning more about their member charities, issues, and good work all the time. I’m also learning about what I can personally do to help our environment. Not only do I support the environment by contributing through the United Healthcare Giving Campaign, but I also contribute my time and experience to help EarthShare become even more successful in achieving their mission to “engage individuals and organizations in creating a healthy and sustainable environment.”

Would you like to support EarthShare through your workplace like Deirdre? Get started by clicking here.


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Zellie Cataylo

We should give value of our mother earth.. We must care & protect it...

Edwin Indrajaya

The more effective ways to preserve the Earth environment is going Vegan lifestyle. Avoid meat product and save carbon dioxide emission, reduce water pollution, deforestation caused by farm, poultry and any other meat industry.

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