Green Quiz Challenge: The Arctic

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Although the countries that comprise the Arctic nations have made policy statements underlining the importance of working together, the rapid melting now taking place in the Arctic, combined with increased militarization and tensions around resources, pose a challenge to its stability. Did you know that the U.S. is considered an Arctic nation because its territory extends into the region known as the Arctic Circle?

Protecting this region will require the cooperation of every Arctic nation. Test your knowledge: How many Arctic nations are there?

A) 8

B) 10

C) 12

D) 14


The correct answer A) 8. Congratulations to our winners Carly Engels Johnston, Kathie Fahey and Chuck Golden. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark (Greenland), and Iceland are all Arctic nations. In addition, many indigenous communities have lived in the region for thousands of years and they make up 10% of the population there. The film People of a Feather documents seven winters in the lives of one such community.


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