Green Quiz - Wind Power


Rainbow windAlthough coal, nuclear and gas all supply more electricity to the U.S. grid than wind power, the future looks much different: wind capacity is blasting ahead of these other sources when it comes to the pace of growth and new installed capacity.

According to the American Wind Energy Association, “wind accounts for 35% of all new electricity generating capacity since 2007” and powers nearly 10 million homes in the U.S. Some states already get a sizable chunk of their energy supply from wind power. In this green quiz, we test your knowledge of wind power supply.

Which state gets nearly 20% of its electricity supply from wind power, a higher percentage than any other state?   

A. Texas    B. California   C. Maryland     D. Iowa

The correct answer is D. Iowa. Congratulations to our green quiz winners: Heather Epkins, Michael Glausser, and Clint Carney!

While Texas has more total wind capacity than any other state, Iowa gets the largest chunk of its energy supply from wind compared to other states. To learn more about the state of wind power in the U.S., check out the American Wind Energy Association factsheets.


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