Green Quiz - Computers and Energy Use

TKeyboardhe Alliance to Save Energy estimates that companies in the U.S. alone waste $2.8 billion and emit 20 million tons of carbon dioxide each year to power computers that are left on at the office overnight. If the world’s 1 billion computers were shut down for just one night, enough energy would be saved to power the Empire State Building for over 30 years!

For this month’s Green Quiz Challenge, we’re testing your knowledge of office PC energy use. 

About what percentage of U.S. employees who use a PC leave their computers on overnight?

A. 20%    B. 35%    C. 55%    D. 70%


The correct answer is C. 55%. Congratulations to our green quiz winners: Connie Whitson-Forbes, Satheesh Soundararajan, and Irene Brennan-Krewduk!

Most people would like to see their employers do more to save energy at the office. One simple way companies can do that is by implementing power management software. Programs like NightWatchman, Greentrac and Verdiem allow your IT department to manage the power settings of every computer in the office. This takes the burden off individual users and lets the company power down all computers at once.


(photo by Travis Isaacs)


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