Green Quiz - Holiday Greeting Cards

This time of year, it’s often no surprise to find a mailbox full of Valentine greetings and catalogs advertising chocolates, flowers, and oversized stuffed animals. Americans buy greeting cards for just about every occasion including birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, and of course, everyone’s favorite romantic holiday: Valentine’s Day. But do we really need billions of paper reminders to feel the love? 

This month we’re taking a cold hard look at the impact all those adorable and quirky greeting cards have on our environment. Have an idea just how many cards we purchase in the U.S. each year? Last month we asked you: How many greeting cards do Americans purchase annually?  

A. 3 billion    B. 6 billion   C. 7 billion     D. 9 billion

The correct answer is C. 7 Billion! Congratulations to our green quiz winners!

With all of those greetings piling up, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to give these small mementos a second life. Before tossing your cards in the trash, consider reusing them for scrap booking, collages, picture frames or as smaller greetings for next year’s holiday. If you’re not one for holding onto your greetings, try donating them to an art program, scout troop, or day care, or simply sort them into your paper recycling bin.


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Robin: A good next step would be to see about becoming an NWF Eco-School. You can find out more about different eco-schools here:


My school recycles printer cartridges, cardboard, plastic milk bottles, paper, etc. Our garden club picks up litter on the school grounds once a week.. Please let us know other ways to help us save the environment!


We like your widgets very much and look forward to working with you in future for environmental and social awareness around the world. Peace, Jimmy

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