Why I give to EarthShare: For Zach

My son was three when breathing became a problem for him. His first attack happened many summers ago during one of our afternoon visits to the community playground. Zach was officially diagnosed with childhood asthma pretty soon after that, and I had to learn about managing his condition quickly.

Zach_winter_smI found out that kids are more strongly affected by air pollution because their lungs and bodies are still developing, and suddenly I really got it: air quality is very much a personal health issue, and having clean air means taking care of the environment. While I was doing all I could to care for Zach's condition, I wanted to do more.

That's why I'm so glad I found EarthShare. I'm a working mom and there's just no time in my schedule to volunteer or become an activist for the causes I believe in. EarthShare gives me an easy and effective way to protect my family by supporting what I care about with a monthly gift.

Would you consider setting up a small monthly donation right now that will help protect your family's health?

Yes, I want to give

With just one gift through EarthShare, you and I can help charities that fight for higher air quality standards, build community playgrounds and parks, and so much more. EarthShare's option to set up a monthly recurring donation means I don't have to remember to renew my gift, which is perfect for me. I can even give a little more since my donations are spread out over a longer period of time!

Please take a minute to think about what matters most to you in this world. If you're like me, you'll realize they all depend on having a healthy environment. Then please take a few seconds to care for those things by setting up your own monthly gift. Each dollar adds up to healthier families and a better quality of life for all of us.

Thanks, from me and Zach!


Mary MacDonald
New York

P.S. Please consider how your monthly gift through EarthShare can grow - just $10 per month becomes an annual donation of $120 and helps organizations that protect your family all year long!

Please share!



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