Green Quiz Challenge - Biofuels

The holidays are almost upon us! That means it’s time for planning get-togethers and festivities, and oh yeah -- holiday travel. There’s lots of focus on how to green-up your holiday experience, but what about the impact all that travelling has on the environment?

Crowds and delays and bag fees probably aren’t at the top of your holiday wish list, but if you’re dreaming of a greener way to get to Grandma’s house you may be in luck.

Biofuels -- fuels produced from living organisms or from metabolic by-products -- are finally taking to the skies and being used to help fuel commercial airplanes. While the trend is actually brand new, airlines are quickly jumping on board to make use of the cleaner fuels. There’s even a bit of competition to achieve biofuel “firsts!”

So, what do you know about this up and coming fuel source?

Biofuels can come from which source(s):

A. Algae
B. Used fryer grease
C. Corn
D. Chicken Fat
E. All of the above

The correct answer is E. All of the above



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