Green Quiz Answer - Sustainable Business

More and more businesses are recognizing that sustainable practices can deliver big returns. Companies adopting energy-saving ideas and incorporating renewable products and materials into their business strategies are seeing their investments pay off across the board and in record time.

But just how many companies are ahead of the game when it comes to independently addressing their carbon footprints?

Last month we asked you to tell us if the following statement is true or false:

A majority of the world’s largest companies are now addressing the issue of climate change as part of their business strategy.

The correct answer is True. Congratulations to our Green Quiz winners!

We love sharing encouraging environmental and CSR news from the business world, so we were thrilled to read the new findings released in Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) annual Global 500 report. According to the latest poll (and for the first time ever), a majority of the Global 500 companies that responded to the CDP survey have integrated actions to curb climate change into their business strategies. Equally encouraging: the percentage of companies affirming this action, now at 68%, is up from 48% in 2010. That’s quite a jump!

It seems companies are recognizing the clear benefits of proactive sustainable solutions and aren’t waiting around to implement change to address their carbon footprints. Many companies are taking a fresh look at their supply chains, office policies, CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives, renewable energy options, and a host of other factors. What more and more companies are realizing is that with some strategic adjustments, they can transition into a more efficient, profitable and sustainable business.

Several of the Global 500 companies included in the CDP report have also teamed up with EarthShare to offer their employees a convenient and easy way to connect with and support our nation’s most trusted environmental charities. So, while Accenture, Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan Chase & Co., United Health Group and Walmart are changing their practices for the better, their employees are also helping groups like World Wildlife Fund, the Nature Conservancy and Conservation International achieve critical program success across the globe!

Want to help your employer catch up with the Global 500 and take on some new sustainable actions at your office? Contact us to learn more about the EarthShare@ Work program!


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