Celebrate Halloween & Make it Green!

Green Your Pet

Are you gearing up for ghouls and goblins? To get you in the spirit, we’re sharing some of our favorite activities and ideas for making the haunted holiday fun for you and good for the planet. Yes, you can be spooky AND sustainable! Join our member groups and take part in some extra green Halloween-themed fun.


Green Your Costume. Did you know that many costumes sold in stores contain toxic chemicals like PVC and phthalates? Yuck! Instead, get creative by going handmade and upcycled. Host a pre-Halloween costume swap in your community, repurpose existing clothes, or fashion costumes from recycled materials (check out the EarthShare Pinterest page for ideas and add your own!).

Hand Out Healthy Treats. Instead of buying sugary candy, consider giving small boxes of raisins, mandarin oranges, trail mix, crayons, stickers, organic granola bars, or Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate.

Use Natural Decorations. Decorating with locally-grown gourds and pumpkins are a great way to reduce waste and carbon emissions. Use recycled paper to make window decorations like spooky Halloween trees, and masks.

Get Crafty. Halloween is a perfect occasion to get a little crafty – gather some old shopping bags, scissors, and glue, and try your hand at one of these Halloween treat tote ideas from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Then be sure to check out their Halloween Wildlife and Outdoor Activity Roundup, full of great spooky stories and hands-on projects.

Throw a Low or No-Waste Party. Instead of buying plastic plates, cups and utensils for your next party, use silverware or compostable utensils. Visit your neighborhood thrift store and purchase mismatched cloth napkins and have guests toss them in a bin for washing and reusing at your next party. Recycle bottles and cans, and compost leftovers.

Compost Leftovers. Once Halloween is over, recycle your pumpkins, leaves, straw and any other organic material by composting it. Pumpkins also make great food for wildlife.

Celebrate Bats. Bats -- an iconic part of Halloween -- are often wrongly feared and misunderstood. Find out why bats are cool and essential to our ecosystems with EarthShare member organization  Bat Conservation International!

Head to the Farm. Enjoying fresh produce, hay rides and corn mazes at your local farm is a great way to celebrate Halloween. Visit American Farmland Trust for ways to take action for your local farms.


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