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Who doesn’t love a good blockbuster with a hearty dose of action-packed thrills to take the edge off of a scorching summer? After a day of outdoor hot-weather activities, a dark movie theater (or home theater) is often the best relaxing retreat. But ever wonder how you can make your entertainment escape just a little more eco-friendly? From choosing the right snacks to finding the most efficient way to get to the theater, here are our tips for making your next movie night just a bit greener.

  • Don’t say we told you to do this, but…consider packing your own movie treats in reusable bags or containers. Homemade organic popcorn, trail mix or dried fruit are great options and are much better for you than theater popcorn with that butter concoction on top. Here’s more on why healthy, green concessions really do matter. You’ll also be cutting down on some serious waste! You only have to stroll past all the overflowing trash cans at your local multiplex or take a peek at the theater floor after the lights come up to understand the incredible waste that results from an evening at the cinema. As always, the less waste you generate, the better.
  • Do a little legwork. Movies involve a lot of sitting in one place, so do something good for Mother Nature and yourself by choosing to walk, bike or take public transit to and from the theater.
  • Green your home theater. Entertainment systems can drain a lot of power, so it’s best to invest some time to research the energy efficiency standards of products you own or are considering buying. It’s also a good idea to reduce your TV’s brightness upon setup and unplug your devices when they aren’t being used. These little steps can save a lot of energy! Read more about the eco-friendliness of seeing movies in a theater vs. at home on a DVD.
  • Host an eco-movie marathon. There are so many great green-themed films to choose from! Check out Grist’s roundup of inspiring flicks here. For a few more ideas, click through Earth Day Network’s top film picks slideshow.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors while you watch a movie. A lot of cities have outdoor summer film series in local parks or public spaces. These are usually free events, so BYO blanket and snacks and enjoy! Check local blogs or event calendars to find outdoor screenings in your area.
  • Craving a larger dose of cinema? A local film festival might be the perfect event to satisfy your inner film buff. Festivals are a great way to support local artists and filmmakers and many will even host a series or an entire event to showcase films relating to conservation or environmental issues. 

What are your favorite green movies or TV shows? Share them in our comments section below or on our Facebook page! 



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