Green Quiz Answer - Halloween Edition

the Great Pumpkin says have a green Halloween, compost me!

Halloween can be extra spooky once you find out how much this holiday makes us overspend and create added waste -- in fact, it’s second only to Christmas as the most lucrative e-commerce holiday for merchants. Americans shell out millions of dollars each year on brand new decorations, costumes, greeting cards, and of course, giant, bursting bags of candy.

These days our trick-or-treaters are hauling home a heavier load of sugary treats than ever before. This has implications for the environment and for the health of our kids.

This month we asked you: How much candy does the average child collect from trick-or-treating on Halloween?

A. 5 pounds    B. 20 pounds    C. 7 pounds     D. 10 pounds

The correct answer is D. 10 pounds. Congratulations to this month’s Green Quiz winners: Lori Hughes, Lindsay Lindner, & Doris Walter!

Candy is supposed to be an occasional treat, and the incredible demand for sweets at Halloween means sugar, chocolate and non-recyclable packaging is shipped and trucked thousands of miles while serving no nutritional purpose and creating lots of waste. And when things are packaged individually -- as all 'bite-sized' trick-or-treat candy is -- it can end up in landfills...unless you turn it into colorful eco-jewelry à la this tip from ecouterre (so cool!). But candy is only part of it.

It’s a shocker that Halloween has become such an oversized holiday, so maybe this year it’s time to swap your usual Halloween habits for more eco-friendly choices. Check out our list of green Halloween tips to see how easy it is to reduce your holiday impact. Want to really take a stand against holiday waste? Visit Green Halloween® and take their Green Halloween Pledge -- commit to five green actions today!

And to help make your green Halloween even more fun, we’ve put together a list of what a few EarthShare member charities are offering to help you celebrate the haunted holiday.

However you celebrate, all your friends at EarthShare wish you a safe, healthy and fun Halloween!



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