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Whether you do most of your printing at home or at the office, the inevitable always occurs: that flashing red light on your monitor or printer announces that your ink is running low. But before you drop that used cartridge in the trash and run off to your local office superstore to stock up on brand new cartridges, ask yourself if your current printing habits are the best option for your wallet and the environment. Opting for recycled and remanufactured ink and toner materials can add up to big energy savings and a huge reduction in toxic waste.

This month we asked you: How many tons of plastic and metal can be kept out of our landfills each year by recycling ink cartridges?

A. 500,000 tons    B. 380,000 tons    C. 400,000 tons     D. 250,000 tons

The correct answer is C. 400,000 tons. Congratulations to this month’s Green Quiz winners! 

Cartridge recycling by the numbers:

  • It takes 80% less energy to remanufacture cartridges from recycled cartridge plastic.

  • The manufacturing process for new each new cartridge requires almost a gallon of oil.

  • Recycled cartridges cost up to 80 percent less than new cartridges.

  • Cartridge components will spend anywhere from 450 – 1,000 years decomposing in landfills.

  • More than 13 cartridges are thrown away each second in the U.S. alone.

  • Printer cartridges can be refilled up to 15 times.

  • 97% of the materials used to make cartridges can be reused and recycled.


The quality of remanufactured print cartridges has dramatically improved over the past two decades, and the DGS asserts that second-life cartridges from reputable companies perform, “as well as, or better than,” new ink cartridges. EarthShare partner, TonerGreen, backs all remanufactured cartridges with a 100% satisfaction and performance guarantee, and maintains a commitment to the environment, customer cost reduction opportunities, and high quality products and services.

We are excited to announce that for every TonerGreen purchase, 1% of sales will help support our over 400 member groups working around the globe to promote environmental conservation and sustainable practices. Check out TonerGreen online for more information and to learn more about making the switch to green printing!




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This post is so wonderful


Participating in an ink cartridge recycle program is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home and office. If you use an inkjet printer, chances are that you are throwing away several ink cartridges every year.

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