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WHAT:  You can help EarthShare member charities restore the land, water and wildlife affected by the BP oil spill disaster. Sustainable energy provider, ACCIONA Energy, has partnered with EarthShare to raise funds for our Gulf Coast Restoration pool, and we need your help.

WHY:  We all witnessed the impact the recent BP oil spill had on precious wildlife and natural resources when millions of gallons of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico this past spring and summer. There have been so many sad images of dead wildlife and suffering animals found coated in the toxic oil that impacted extensive areas of their habitat. But this is just the visible damage. The long term impacts of this tragedy are yet to come, and the true recovery work has only just begun. But you can help recover what we lost in the Gulf.

FB For every Facebook user who “Likes” the ACCIONA NA-Take Action! Facebook page, ACCIONA Energy will donate $1 to EarthShare’s Gulf Coast Restoration Fund.

Twitter Same for all you Twitter users: For every user who follows ACCIONA_ACTION and @replies with the phrase: “I support @ACCIONA_ACTION and @EarthShare in their efforts to help restore the Gulf,” ACCIONA Energy will donate $1 to the Fund.

OUR GOAL:   To help ACCIONA connect with at least 5,000 new friends on Facebook and Twitter, and raise up to $5,000 in support of Gulf Coast restoration!

WHO:   ACCIONA is a 100-year-old global company that's been pioneering renewable energy solutions for nearly 20 years. They believe sustainability is a call to action for every human on this planet, since we all stand to lose from negative environmental impacts on our resources.






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patrick wachira maina

our contribution to save our environment will determine how the future will be


Thanks, Peter and Ricardo! We appreciate the feedback!

Peter Dayan

i really enjoy your views

Ing. Agr. Ricardo Corrales Sáenz, MGA


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