UnitedHealth Group cleans up for Earth Day!

Congratulations and thanks to the employee cleanup team from EarthShare workplace partner, UnitedHealth Group, who helped out at the annual Potomac River Watershed Earth Day Cleanup in D.C.

Local UHG volunteers picked up 463 pounds of trash!  Whew!  Not only that -- UHG employees have donated more than $800,000 to support conservation charities through their EarthShare employee giving campaign over the past four years.

Way to show how much you care about our environment, friends at UHG!

Also on the cleanup scene: EarthShare member SCA (Student Conservation Association) and EarthShare national staffer, Beth Gunter.

Get inspired! Check out this great Earth Day cleanup video to find out why taking care of their community is so important to UHG employees. Then get in touch with us to find out how your workplace can give back!


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A I Tijani


I acknowledge the effort of your organisation in re-insort the earth back to it origin.

George L.

Thanks for informing about this great event. We need more of this type of an event to motivate similar actions in the future by a lot more people.

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