How far do you go for turkey and pie?

Whether you drove down the road to visit a neighbor or flew home from college, chances are that you  traveled this Thanksgiving holiday. An estimated 38.4 million people traveled by car and plane to see loved ones this Thanksgiving.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), what’s the average trip length for American travelers during the Thanksgiving holiday?

A. 350 miles    B. 489 miles    C. 656 miles    D. 815 miles

The answer is D; the average trip Americans travel during the Thanksgiving holiday is 815 miles round trip.

According to AAA, the economy slowed commercial air travel rates, but ground travel still increased. Approximately 33.2 million people traveled by vehicle to visit friends, family, and loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. Extra vehicles on the road mean extra pollution going into our air.

If you travel to see your family and friends on holidays, consider taking steps to make your trip greener and reduce your carbon footprint.


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