E-liminating E-waste

Comps Electronic waste, or Ewaste, is becoming a large problem as electronics are being replaced and thrown out on a regular basis. As much as we love our useful gadgets, they can be dangerous to the environment and even our health. The waste created by old cell phones, televisions, ink cartridges, stereos and batteries release harmful toxins into landfills as they attempt to decompose. With technology becoming more a part of our lives with each day, there are a few things you can do to minimize this growing problem:

Buy refurbished cell phones. These previously owned, good-as-new cell phones approved by the manufacturer save hundreds of pounds of mined products that go into making circuit boards.

Recycle your old cell phones. Cellular phone stores are increasingly taking otherwise trashed cell phones and recycling their insides to reduce the need for new materials.

Recycle or refill empty ink cartridges. Getting your cartridges refilled can save you a lot of money, as this usually costs about half the price of a new cartridge. Many stores are also taking in empty cartridges to recycle.

Donate old televisions and stereos instead of tossing them. These end up taking space in landfills when others may still find them acceptable for use.


Repair instead of replace. Repair broken parts of electronic devices as often as possible instead of replacing the item all together.

More information on recycling E-waste.


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This is a beautiful idea!

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