Eco-Art Makes a Big Impression

Here’s a creative Green Tip from EarthShare supporter Brett Carlson of Seattle, Washington. Frustrated with the lack of environmental awareness around him, Brett blew off steam after long days in the office by going to local thrift stores to hunt for decorative cookie tins for his eco-art project, “The 5th of July.”

Brett's sustainability flag represents “ we as Americans need to approach the future, because everything we do is interrelated.”  This amazing flag took about a year to complete, as each tin layer was meticulously cut and nailed down by hand. Kudos to Brett for finding a unique and meaningful way to re-purpose cast off materials!

If you have an earth-saving tip or your own piece of eco art that you’d like to share, email us at And thanks to Brett for sharing the story of how he cares for the “precious blue pearl” we all share!



Want to create some found art, but not sure where to start? Check out to spark some creativity of your own. Their suggestions for projects ranging from sea shell fountains to newspaper lamps to letter holders made from discarded shutters. Seeking inspiration and like-minded artists? Check out Pinteret’s Environmental & Found Materials Art board for amazing examples of other eco art.





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Terry Davis

Eco Art is a great way to not only recycle but to raise awareness of environmental issues. With a little bit of thought we can all find creative ways to turn "trash" into "treasure" and the more people that lead the way and show clever examples like this, the more people will be encouraged to create their own. Great artwork and great for the environment.

Terry Davis


I think Brett's flag was a great way to increase environmental awaerness. There is a great new album called Rhythms Del Mundo Classics coming out August 11th that is to help raise climate control awareness and the proceeds benefit the environmental nonprofit organization Artists Project Earth, which raises awareness and funds for climate change projects and for disaster relief efforts .

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