PS3 Energy Use Quiz > October 15, 2008

Q. How many refrigerators would it take to power a Sony Playstation 3?

  • 3
  • 8
  • 12    

A. 5

According to Australian consumer agency, Choice, a Sony PS3 uses five times more energy than a refrigerator when running. Estimates are that if you leave the game console on all the time, it will cost you nearly $250 per year.

Unplug ‘Em.

Even when you’re not actively using your game consoles, computers or chargers, these products can still consume energy. According to EarthShare member, the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), these items’ standby consumption can be the equivalent to that of a 75 or 100 watt light bulb running continuously.

Use Power Strips.

Power strips are a great way to save energy and lower electricity costs. Now, the Smart Strip goes a step further by automatically switching off your devices after they’ve gone idle. Complete with surge protection to protect your devices, power strips like Smart Strip are a good way to conserve energy and hold down electricity costs.


If you can’t give up an hour of video games each night, make adjustments in other areas of your home or office. The NRDC has a full list of energy-efficient appliances and electronics that can help you reduce energy waste.


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